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DOUGLAS, WY, the Converse County seat, is located along the banks of the North Platte River on the Oregon Trail. Douglas remained as a small ranching community of about 2,000 until the late 1970s when coal, oil and uranium production became a driving force in the economy. Population escalated to 6,500 in the early 1980s. Once the oil and uranium markets leveled off, population declined like many Wyoming towns during that time. The City of Douglas has bounced back within the last 5 years and its population is steadily growing. Douglas has a diversified economy and cutting edge telecommunications.

GLENROCK, WY, once called Deer Creek Station, began as a mail and stage station on the Oregon Trail and served as a vital supply station for emigrants traveling westward. More than 350,000 pioneers passed through the valley where Glenrock is located and stopped at the rock in the glen east of town, giving the town its present name. The discovery of gas and oil in 1912 contributed to the area's economy. Coal mining activity during the early 1900s was important to the county’s economic history.

ROLLING HILLS, WY, nestled atop Monkey Mountain, was incorporated in May of 1984. It is a small bedroom community about five miles north of Glenrock. Rolling Hills was developed to serve the booming oil and coal industries.

Lost Springs is an incorporated municipality in Converse County. Bill, Esterbrook, Orin Junction, and Shawnee, unincorporated communities, are also in Converse County.

Time Zone: Mountain/ Area Code: 307

Proximity to Major Cities/ Recreation Areas in Miles

  Douglas Glenrock Rolling Hills
Casper, WY 48 21 26
Cheyenne, WY 128 158 163
Chicago, IL 1,099 1,123 1,128
Dallas, TX 1,105 1,130 1,135
Denver, CO 229 259 264
Yellowstone Nat'l Park, WY 316 291 296